Reduce your operating costs and benefit from renewable energy!

SaskPower “Net Metering” Program

Sask Government $20,000 Rebate Program

Financing Options

Federal Capital Cost Allowance for Renewable Energy

SaskPower “Power Generation Partner” Program

Are you ready to reduce the energy costs of your operations? Not only is Ion Solar Ltd. highly skilled at residential solar installations but as well specializes in agricultural, commercial and industrial applications of solar power generation.


Reduce your energy bills by turning sunlight into savings!

Your electric bill is probably one of your biggest household expenses every month. When you install a solar power system, you’re locking in your energy costs as utility prices increase. Utility rates have increased by 6% annually over the last few decades and will continue to rise.

You’ll experience savings immediately with a solar power system and in the long-term you’ll see it increases the value of your property. Home buyers are attracted to properties that offer energy efficiency. A Saskatchewan homeowner can expect the value of their property to increase by as much as $40,000 when equipped with a typical 10Kw solar array.


Electricity rates are difficult to predict, but they will certainly continue to increase. Investing in solar now protects your farm or agricultural operation from increasing costs and may even eliminate your electricity bill altogether!

Saving money is one of the primary reasons for installing solar and those funds can be used to purchase new equipment, hire more staff, or simply make your business more profitable! Energy costs for agricultural businesses have increased substantially over the last decade while solar power systems are more affordable today than ever before. Given the many SaskPower renewable energy programs, there’s never been a better time to consider solar power for your operations.


Invest in solar power to better manage and reduce your energy costs! Our efficient solar power systems provide exceptional value and assure energy management success. Count on our experience whether your application is

  • Urban Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Full Utility Scale Solar Power System

We work with you every step of the way from design to installation, testing, and monitoring. Now is the time to take control of your energy costs with Ion Solar Ltd.

How Solar Works For You!

Solar panels containing photo-voltaic cells convert the sun’s energy into direct current (DC) power. Panels are mounted in an array either as a roof mounted system or a more cost efficient ground mounted system. The DC power from the solar array is sent to an inverter and converted to alternating current (AC). This power flows through your electrical panel.

SaskPower Net Metering Program

Your utility meter will be changed to a bi-lateral or two-way meter allowing for net- metering. When the solar array is producing more power than you’re consuming, it will be sent back through the power grid and you will accumulate credits with your power company. These power credits will be consumed at your property at a later time during low production such as evenings or during seasonal sunlight fluctuations.

Ion Solar staff will assist you with all related paperwork requirements to benefit from this program.

Experience & Capable Staff

You can rest assured that our qualified staff will advise you on the proper requirements for your specific needs and provide you with professional service. Our technicians have installed over 100 solar power systems in Saskatchewan alone. This experience enables our qualified technicians to install a typical 10Kw system in as little as two days. Contact us for a quote today!